Let's Work Together

Too many young people, particularly those from traditionally under-served groups (i.e. African American and Hispanic), are not maximizing their potential as evidenced by lower rates of college and career readiness, post-secondary persistence and completion, and lower levels of income. The Compelling Why aims to plug the leaks that often are beyond the reach of our public education entities by speaking to individual student value systems and expectations, inspiring personal responsibility and fostering school and community-based collaborations that enable students to leverage existing academic enrichment resources so they can take charge of their personal success.

The Students Are Our Why

Communities have the opportunity and responsibility to fill in when the system becomes overwhelmed. Like neighbors coming together to stem a pending flood with sand bags at the base of a levy, we have an obligation to plug the leaks that stand in the way of academic excellence.

Support The Compelling Why

"I was unaware of [the] significant preparatory work done in advance by The Compelling Why to prep the students to engage in a dialogue and communicate in terms that resonate at their current level to help propel them on their journey to future opportunities. The students were respectful, engaged, asked thoughtful questions, both during the panel and afterwards during the break. It was indeed a pleasure to interact with the students and I look forward to future opportunities."
Prentis Murphy
Deloitte Services LLP

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